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Amway India offers about 105 products combined Personal care, Home Care, Nutrition & Wellness and Cosmetics.  Amway has a host of brands and diverse products that cover an individual’s daily needs in the maintenance of self and home. Amway’s brand family consists of titles like Nutrilite, Artistry, Attitude, Dynamite, Glister, Persona and Satinique from others.

Nutrition and Wellness:
Amway offers nutritional supplements to help accommodate the need for vitamins and minerals that your body lacks. Nutrilite Bio C is one such Amway product that helps you do just that. Nutrilite Bio C helps replenish your shortage of Vitamin C that is essential for your general wellbeing and health.

Apart from Nutrilite Bio C, Amway also helps improve bone health and calcium deficiencies through its products like Nutrilite Bone Health with Ipriflavone and Nutrilite cal mag D.

Amway also has got a section of health drinks that would help you cover any deficiencies that your body might have. Positrim Low Fat Drink Mix is one such health drink that Amway offers to help people with their weight management program. Consisting of now synthetic ingredients, a balanced distribution of essential vitamins and minerals, this drink comes in 3 flavors of Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry.

Amway has a much in demand cosmetic product range. Amway’s Artistry product range houses creams and lotions that help rejuvenate your skin to a healthy glow. Their range of tonners and moisturizing creams help fight the harmful UV rays of the sun and protects the skin from premature ageing.

Amway also has an attractive range of nail paints, lipsticks, mascara and eye pencils in a variety of shades under the brand name Attitude. They also have face masks and cleansing lotions under the same brand for a daily sink care regime.

Home Care:

Amway also has products to help care for your home. Its products like the Leather and Vinyl cleaner is a liquid that cleans, conditions and polishes leather, vinyl and plastic surfaces. It protects the surface from the wear and tear of weather and gives your furniture a brand new look. This liquid can be used on leather bags, wallets, clothing, car upholstery and more.

Personal Care:
Amway has a wide array of products designed for a person’s personal care. Toothpastes, hair oils and shaving foam are just some of the many personal care product varieties that Amway offers for sale. All extremely effective in helping you maintain yourself and your family and are reasonably priced at the same time.

Commercial Products:
Amway’s APSA-80 is an all purpose spray that helps eradicate pests and diseases commonly found in fields. The %-liter pack when mixed with proportionate amounts of fungicide and/or pesticide helps crop owners take care of their yield.

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