Artistry product range – Top 5 largest selling brands of cosmetic and skin care products

Artistry is a cosmetic brand which is produced by Access Business Group and marketed by Amway. Artistry is one amongst the top 5 largest selling popular brands of cosmetic and skin care products. Artistry has a wide product range for colour cosmetics and facial skin care items. For skin treatment, Artistry consists of cleansers, toners, moisturisers, eye and lip care products, serums, masques and other special skin care products like anti-aging, brightening the skin tone etc. Artistry provides the customers with the cosmetic and skin care products as per the customer’s skin type and age. This not only produces the best effect but also eliminates the chances of skin infection due to product unsuitability.

Artistry has a wide range of cleansers available as per the skin type. For normal to dry skin, Artistry has “Essentials Hydrating Cleanser” which cleans and exfoliates your skin. For combination to oil skin, they have “Essentials Balancing Skin” which not only cleanses the skin but also acts as a shine control therapy throughout the day. Artistry’s “Time defiance cleansing treatment” is the best for aging skin. It provides firmer skin within 20 minutes. There are various toners for your skin for different types. For normal to dry skin, they have essentials hydrating toner and for combination to oily skin, they have essentials balancing toner. Made for all skin types, there is a product “Time Defiance Conditioning Tower”. If you want smooth, soft and silk skin there is “Treatage Skin Lotion”. For instant hydration of your skin, there is a Pure White Toner I.

Artistry also has good quality moisturizers. For a young and fresh skin, you can use “Time Defiance Night Recovery Creme”. Artistry has a special “Essentials Hydrating Botanical Spa Collection”. This is a collection of 3 things that is body wash, body scrub and body butter. Artistry has a cream specially meant for eye treatment. Applying this cream around the eyes will make the skin around eye firmer. This eye cream helps in reduction of wrinkles and loose skin around the eye. Artistry also has a number of serums for skin care, facial mask for dry and normal skin, cleansing mask etc. They also have special care cosmetic products such as “Pure White Spot Corrector”, “Essentials anti-blemish”, “Intensive Skincare Anti-wrinkle Firming serum” etc.

They also have cosmetic products for your eyes, cheeks, face and lips. Artistry has a wide range of colour cosmetics for eyes which include colourful eye pencils, total mascara, eye shadows colour, eye liner, eye brow definer, set of make-up brush set etc. they have different colours and designs’ make up palettes for your cheeks look more beautiful. They have good quality face powder, foundations of SPF 18/PA+++, pressed powder, hydrating foundation, time defiance firming crème foundation etc. Artistry also has lip products which will make your lips look for beautiful and luscious. They have a colourful range of lip gloss, lip definer, lipsticks, lip shine, etc.

Artistry has great products under the brand name. They have quality products and hence people rely on Artistry skin care and cosmetic products. They have fruitful results on your skin. Your skin is precious and you must keep it beautiful by taking care of it under proper treatment.

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