How to gain weight?

Health is wealth. Yes, you have to healthy for living a good life. when we talk about health, your body weight plays an important role. You must not be under-weight or malnourished. To leave a happy life, you have to stay fit. Eat healthy and stay healthy. There are a number of good ways of gaining weight. If you feel that you are slim and under weight, adopt these techniques.

Firstly, bring to your knowledge the exact reason for your less weight. Sometimes, a serious medical illness is responsible for body weight reduction considerably. Once you clear this thing, you are ready to undergo diet and treatments to gain weight in a systematic manner. Make a diet chart for yourself. Include all the food items that have more calories. Consume more calories than you actually burn them in regular activities. Yes, we know that you cannot eat each and everything that comes in front of you. But on the other hand, have a healthy 3-time meal that is a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also, while preparing your diet chart see to it that there a gap of 3 hrs between all your meals for the purpose of digestion.

Gaining weight doesn’t mean you stop exercising. You must exercise even while gaining weight. Resistance training exercises help in building of your muscles and increased metabolism rate as well. Your gym instructor will give your exercises which are required while gaining weight. Have protein rich food items after exercising and work out. Protein rich food items are fish, low fat dairy products, milk, meat, almonds etc. Just because you want to gain weight, don’t eat junk foods and fatty food items. They can in fact spoil your health and you will lose more weight. Include food items in your diet which are rich in protein, carbohydrates and fats. A healthy breakfast is a part of a good diet chart. Try and drink milk along with a banana and dry fruits every morning. You can also have curd, cheese sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, salads, fruits whenever you feel you are hungry.

Also, there is a major misconception that beer increases your weight. But it is wrong. Beer will give render nothing but just a beer belly to you. Thus, have a proper knowledge about what food items you consume. This will help you in gaining weight more easily and quickly.

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