Independent Business Owners (Amway IBO’s)

For a very long time (almost 60 years) Amway has been considered to be one of the most desired forms of a home based business choice. With over 3 million Independent Business Owners (IBOs) worldwide, there is proof enough that Amway is one of the best known names in the multi-level marketing industry today.

Amway’s popularity stemmed from their diverse selection of products that includes a health and nutritional enhancement line called Nutralite, Personal care products, Beauty products, Home care products and more!

An IBO doesn’t need to be someone with lots of business experience and a huge capital backing. Anyone from housewives to college students who have a little time to spare can build a fruitful business through Amway. Quality is not an issue with Amway. Almost all their products are self grown/produced in their own factories and organic farms.

On every successful sale of an Amway product you receive commissions. All that is required from you is some effort and basic marketing skill to help boost demand for the Amway products that you offer. As an IBO, Amway provides the products to you at a certain rate of discount, that you can in turn sell at retail rates for a profit. Another incentive to look for is the performance bonus that ranges from 3% to 25% depending upon the volume of business you conduct per month.

Exercise any marketing tactics and exploit on good personal relations to sell your Amway products. Your friends, colleagues and family will be more willing to listen to what you have to say about the Amway products you sell than listening to a sales-man banter endlessly about all the good qualities and benefits of its use. Belief in what you sell goes a long way. Any level of disinterest or lack of faith in the product you sell immediately reflects adversely on any sale that you attempt to make. To make a good sale you need to promote yourself and your products in a healthy light. When questions rise about the quality of Amway’s products you need to be certain of its reliability. In fact, Amway encourages IBOs to test/use their products for themselves so as to gauge performance levels of a product.

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