Successful Amway IBO

After its establishment in 1959, Amway continued to grow across its borders into countries like Australia, Europe and even Asia. The pace at which Amway has expanded is credited to their brilliant marketing strategy. Amway took care of the manufacturing and distribution of a product range, and then assigning a network of IBOs (independent business owners) to help grow the brand and sales of products. This organizational functioning was aimed not only to aid Amway in the increase of its sale rate, but also to help people from all economic backgrounds make a living for themselves.

So successful is Amway in its IBO scheme that in 2008, the company reported sales of around 8 billion. With its products flourishing in over 58 markets worldwide, successfully running its business in 98 countries and manufacturing of more than 450 products, Amway has definitely got it right!

Over time Amway has gotten only better. Even with the change of ownership hands from fathers to sons, Amway’s core objective of setting the American Way of life has been a success.

Becoming an IBO with Amway doesn’t require a lot of your time. But it does require your dedication and will to do well for yourself. Anybody from housewives to entrepreneurs can join Amway into making a successful independent business of their own.

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